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Solar power products
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Solar heating
Solar appliances
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Solar garden accessories & fountains

Ceramic solar fountains
Just for example: a multi-tier ceramic solar fountain does not require any source of electricity.

Solar powered water features
We sell beautiful solar powered water features for excellent deals. You are sure to find the right solar powered water features to add the finishing touches to your garden, right here at Solar Home.

Ceramic solar fountains
There are many beautiful ceramic solar fountains on the market today. Purchase your ceramic solar fountains right here at Solar Home for a lovely addition to your outdoor décor.

Solar power products

Solar electric systems
Solar electric systems are excellent ways to generate power and save money for your home.

Solar fence post caps
Solar fence post caps soak up the energy of the sun during the day and light up your walkway (or other areas) at night.

Solar generator
A solar generator is an excellent thing to have at your home.

Solar hot water system
A solar hot water system is an excellent thing to install in your home.

Solar power accessories
We are your best source for solar power accessories on the Internet.

Solar power products
Solar power products are available for great deals, right here at Solar Home.

130 watt solar panels
130 watt solar panels can be used for recreational vehicles.

Portable solar power
With portable solar power you have a high quality solar resource or resources at your fingertips.

Solar screens
Our solar screens will both cool your rooms and lower your energy costs. When you use our solar screens, you will keep the view, but block the UV rays and heat of the sun.

Residential solar panels
Buy some residential solar panels today, and start saving immediately! When you buy our residential solar panels, you will be saving energy costs and the environment

Residential solar systems
Pick up a residential solar system today. Here at Solar Home, we have an excellent selection of residential solar systems available right here, for great prices.

Portable solar power
A source of portable solar power is a great idea. Take your portable solar power unit with you anywhere. When you have portable solar power, you have portable comfort as well.

Rollup solar screens
Rollup solar screens are easy to use and easy to tuck away when you are not using them. At Solar Home we have a huge selection of rollup solar screens for you to choose from.

Solar lighting

Solar fence post lighting
Solar fence post lighting can be so easy to install and to maintain.

Solar garden lights
Solar garden lights are the best sort of outdoor light that you can purchase.

Solar lighting
Solar lighting is not the lighting of the future: it is the right kind of lighting for right now.

Solar outdoor lighting
Solar outdoor lighting is the greatest way to use the power of the sun to light up the night.

Solar outdoor lights
Solar outdoor lights utilize the power of the sun to light up the night.

Solar patio lights
Solar patio lights are amazing in that they utilize the power of the sun to light up the night.

Solar power driveway post light
Solar power driveway post lights are perfect for lighting up you driveway.

Solar power patio lights
Solar power patio lights are a great way to harness the energy of the sun to light up your patio at night.

Solar power rope light
A solar power rope light is such a fun accent to add to your home or garden.

Solar spot lights
Solar spot lights do not have to be expensive.

Solar step lights
Solar step lights are a great way to show off your steps at night, as well as to light them up so that they are safer.

Solar signage lights
We have great deals on all of our solar energy products, including our solar signage lights

Solar street lights
Solar street lights are a great way to light up your home and neighborhood, keeping them safe at night.

Solar yard lights
Solar yard lights harness the power of daylight (the power of the sun) to light up the night.

Solar backup lights
It is convenient and comforting to know that you have solar backup lights.

Commercial solar lighting
The market is continuously inventing new and absolutely relaxing ways to improve the already lovely kinds of commercial solar lighting to create an ambiance for you.

Natural solar lighting
There are many kinds of natural solar lighting that could be beneficial for you.

Residential solar lighting
Residential solar lighting is certainly becoming one of the most popular kinds of lighting in the home.

Sky lights
It is always a beautiful addition to your home when you have sky lights above.

Solar powered outdoor lighting
Our solar powered outdoor lighting harnesses the power of the sun to light up the night. Our solar powered outdoor lighting is so easy to install.

Solar powered outdoor lights
Looking for solar powered outdoor lights that look great and are easy to install? You are going to love the solar powered outdoor lights we have available here at Solar Home.

Solar security lighting
We sell solar security lighting. Our solar security lighting works even when the power is out! We sell motion sensoredsolar security lighting that is perfect for your safety and for your home.

Commercial solar lighting
There is a fair amount of commercial solar lighting that people all over the world have discovered and have begun to use. Our commercial solar lighting is top-of-the-line solar lighting.

Natural solar lighting
When you have natural solar lighting you will save money and be a better conserver of energy—therefore improving the environment. And Solar Home will help you find what you want.

Residential solar lighting
If you want residential solar lighting, you have come to the right place. Solar Home specializes in residential solar lighting especially for you. Browse around our website and see!

Sky lights
Sky lights are beautiful as well as very useful. Our website, Solar Home online has an enormous selection of sky lights available at prices you would not believe . . .

Solar heating

Solar furnace
A solar furnace is used to produce very, very high temperatures.

Solar heaters
Solar heaters are available for excellent prices, right here at Solar Home.

Solar heating thermostats
Solar heating thermostats are great for allowing you to check on the how much solar power is being used throughout a day.

Solar pond heater
A solar pond heater is the best sort of heater that you can use to heat your pond.

Solar water heater kits
Solar water heater kits are a very cost-effective use of solar energy.

Solar water heater retrofit kit
Use our solar water heater retrofit kit to get solar power started at your home!

Active solar water heaters
Did you know that active solar water heaters account for much of the energy use in a lot of residential, commercial, federal and institutional facilities?

Passive solar water heaters
Passive solar water heaters will save you money by heating your water in the least expensive way possible.

Solar appliances

Solar cooking pot
A solar cooking pot is not just easy to use, it is easy on the environment.

Solar cookers
Solar cookers have been called “win-win technology” especially for in sunny places where fuel is exceptionally scarce.

Passive solar water heaters
Try passive solar water heaters for your home and see what a difference there can be. If you want to do as much as you can for the environment, buy passive solar water heaters from Solar Home.

Solar pool & hottub accessories

Solar hot tub heater
Our solar hot tub heaters will get your hot tub nice and hot, just how you want it.

Solar pool covers
Solar pool covers will benefit you in many ways.

Solar powered hotplate
Have you ever used a solar powered hotplate? Well, now is the time to try one out.

Solar Water Pumps
A solar pump is the best kind of pump that you can get. Why? Because a solar pump is easy to install, low maintenance, and free to run! Pick up a solar pump, today!

Solar powered pool fountain
Our solar powered pool fountain gives you the beauty of a fountain without the expense of running it!

Other solar accessories

Solar power roof fans
Solar power roof fans are both cost effective and environmentally conscious.

Solar well pump
A solar well pump is a great item to have.

Solar window screen
A solar window screen will help you keep the rays of the sun out of your house and will, in effect, help you lower your energy bills.

Solar window shades
Solar window shades are available, right here at Solar Home.

Solar window screens
Solar window screens are great additions to a home.

Solar car fan
When you have a solar car fan you are saving yourself money, but that is not all, you are also helping preserve the health of our planet.

Buy solar screens
Buy solar screens form Solar Home and you will love the results.

Rollup solar screens
There are many convenient uses for rollup solar screens, and Solar Home sells all of our high quality rollup solar screens for great prices especially to satisfy our customers.

Solar PV electric
Want a solar PV electric system for your home? We have what you need, right here at Solar Home. Check out our solar PV electric products.

Solar shingles
Our solar shingles are not just excellent for harnessing the energy of the sun, they also look great! You will love our solar shingles!

Solar power forum
A solar power forum is a great place to ask and answer questions related to solar power. Find a great solar power forum here at Solar Home.

Solar energy forums
Our solar energy forums are a great place to ask and answer questions about solar energy. Check out our solar energy forums, and meet others who also use solar energy in their homes and businesses.

Alternative energy forum
An alternative energy forum is a great place to ask or answer questions about and to chat about alternative energy forms. Our alternative energy forums include topics on wind power, solar power, etc.

Solar forums
Our solar forums are a great place to meet others who, like you, use or are interested in solar power. Use our solar forums to talk with others about using solar energy to power their homes, boats, RVs, etc.

Solar forum
Use a solar forum to answer and ask questions and chat about solar energy. Here at Solar Home, we have an excellent solar forum. Communicate with other about solar power.

Solar energy forum
Join a solar energy forum today! Ask and answer any and all questions about solar energy. When you utilize a solar energy forum, you can meet others who also use solar power.

Solar message board
Our solar message board is easy to use. To use our solar message board, set it up outside (along the road, etc.), and program what you want it to read by using your cell phone!

Solar energy bulletin board
Our solar energy bulletin board is a great place to post questions and answers about solar power. Use our solar energy bulletin board to learn more about solar power.

Solar energy chatboard
A solar energy chatboard is a great place to meet others who have an interest in solar power. Use a solar energy chatboard to ask questions and answer questions about solar power.

Solar power message board
Our solar power message board is an excellent place to learn more about solar power. A solar power message board is a great place to troubleshoot, chat about, or ask about solar energy.

Solar energy message board
A solar energy message board can be an excellent tool. If you are considering buying solar energy, you can use a solar energy message board to ask questions about it, etc.