Solar outdoor lighting

Solar outdoor lighting consists of many different light styles, including hanging lanterns, walkway stake lights, and fence post lamps. All can be used in a variety of ways to create many interesting effects.

Here are a few possible techniques:

•Silhouette - by lighting up a tree, statue, or fountain from behind, a dark and dramatic silhouette is created.

•Shadow - lighting up the same garden feature from the front will cast its elegant shadow on a garden wall or other surface.

•Downlight – accomplish this by hanging a light from a lamp post or the eaves of a house and shining it down. This is used more for security purposes than for decorative ones.

•Cross – by positioning two separate lights at the base of a garden feature it can be attractively highlighted. The use of multiple lights works to soften the shadows.

Most of the abovementioned solar outdoor lighting techniques work best with solar spot lights, since they tend to be the brightest. However, if there is little other ambient lighting, other solar light options may work as well. Hanging solar lights and step lights can both make a path more visible and therefore less treacherous. On top of this, they often act as interesting garden accents in and of themselves.

Solar outdoor lighting is a very practical way to use the power of the sun to light up the night. Many solar outdoor lights come with darkness sensors which automatically turn them on at night. This renders them incredibly low maintenance.

Along with there being no need to worry about turning them on or off, there is also no need to worry about paying for the cost of fuel or electricity. They are completely free to run. This is one of the most valued features of solar outdoor lighting.