The more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurate will be the estimate. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of your monthly electrical bill. When combined with the name of your power company (whose rates we know), we can get a good estimate of your existing monthly power usage. This then allows us to determine the number of solar panels needed to provide the percentage of solar power you specified you would like to achieve.

California Free Solar Evaluation

Solar power in California is growing at a very rapid pace. A renewable portfolio standard requires that 20% of California’s energy come from renewable resources by 2010, and 33% by 2020. Due it its location and geography, solar is one of the most effective of these sources in the region.

In fact, California leads the nation in the number of homes that already have solar panels installed residentially. If you are moving to the CA area, it is definitely worth getting a free solar evaluation to see if this will benefit you.

Berkeley plans to be the first city in the country to allow citizens to install a solar kit without any initial payment. This program is in the pilot stage and will involve higher property taxes simultaneously with the energy savings. Goals like these make California one of the most promising and forward-thinking regions as far as solar panel installation.