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A solar battery charger is a very handy tool. Many people already recognize the importance of using rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones. After all, there is no need to fill landfills with even more waste. But people often forget the electricity that is spent recharging those batteries when using a basic charger that plugs into the wall.

In addition to that, once the batteries are done charging, the charger often continues to suck electricity from the wall. A solar battery charger, on the other hand, requires only energy from the sun to recharge batteries.

An added benefit of this is that many of these chargers are very portable and can be taken hiking and camping or on road tripsand vacations. It also may simply be taken along for the daily commute. Often, a solar battery charger is capable of recharging a variety of things including cell phones, gps, AA or AAA batteries, and laptops.

Solar powered battery chargers are one of the many practical uses of solar technology. They can be used to charge car batteries, AA/AAA batteries, or other types of batteries. It is even possible for some to charge iPods, cell phones, and laptops.

Batteries are designed for on-the-go use. This means that when they run out a person is generally not at home. For that reason, solar powered battery chargers can be quite a bit more practical than other battery charger options which require an on-grid electrical connection. This is especially true for people who spend large amounts of time living, camping, traveling, or working in remote locations.

By using rechargeable batteries, people eliminate waste in landfills. Oftentimes that waste is pretty harmful. Solar powered battery chargers promote this eco-friendly action as well as take it up a notch: by relying on the sun for their power, they avoid the harmful emissions of fossil fuels used in the creation of on-grid electricity.

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Universal Solar Battery Charger
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Universal Solar Battery Charger
Sunlinq 6.5W Foldable Solar Charger
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Sunlinq 6.5W Foldable Solar Charger