Solar garden lights

solar garden lights

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Solar garden lights can be the perfect solution for many outdoor lighting needs. These are perhaps the most commonly purchased and widely developed type of solar technology today. In fact, the variety of options available can be quite overwhelming.

Here are a few things to consider before selecting solar garden lights:

•Brightness - many solar outdoor lights are meant to be used as accent lights. For brighter lighting needs, look for a solar light that uses a fluorescent bulb or at least two LEDs. If possible, check the intensity of the light prior to purchase.

•Solar panels - most solar garden lights are compact units. Each individual light comes complete with panel, light sensor, battery, and LED. Other solar lights come as sets where each light is connected to one solar panel. These sets can be placed in the shade as long as the panel receives adequate sunlight.

•Light sensors – solar garden lights often come with built-in light sensors that detect the onset of dusk and dawn. The lights are then automatically switched on or off accordingly. To enable control over whether the lights are activated, look for ones with a manual override.

•Placement – The lights may be placed anywhere, so long as there is adequate sunlight for the solar panel. They do not have to be placed near an outside power source.

•Installation - for many solar garden lights, installation is as simple as either staking it into the ground or affixing it to a post. There is no need for an electrician, for digging trenches, nor for messing with any wiring.

For outdoor lighting, it is wise to make use of the resources that are present. The sun is one of these widely available resources. There is simply no need to waste valuable fossil fuels for garden lighting when the sun is so abundant. Solar garden lights utilize the power of the sun to efficiently light outdoor gardens and walkways without any waste of energy.

Outdoor lighting types include solar lamp lights, fence post lights, yard spot lights, walkway lights, and many more. Nighttime lighting can be a valuable safety tool for visibility of decks, pathways, and stairways. The lights may also simply be used to light up a beautiful fountain or favorite rose bush. The easy installation makes all the possible locations for solar garden lights virtually endless.