Solar message board

Our solar message board brings together many people who would otherwise have never met. It is a great place to pose questions and receive answers about solar energy. Members are also encouraged to answer questions and offer advice. Feel free to join and share experiences and discuss ideas.

We welcome visitors of our solar message board to use it in almost any way that they please. Some people have joined simply to keep up with the useful information that is posted on other alternative energy sources. There are also some areas dedicated to off-topic, general chat.

Of course, not every type of discussion is welcome on our solar message board. Obscene, racist, and sexually explicit language is not tolerated. We care about keeping an informed, safe, and respectful environment for all of our members.

Please join and take advantage of the community which we have provided. Discuss do-it-yourself projects and troubleshoot with like-minded individuals. Even if you feel that you know nothing about solar power, you can still join our solar message board -- in fact, that is all the more reason to participate.