Solar street lights

Solar street lights are a great way to light up a home or neighborhood for nighttime safety. Most have light detectors which inform them of how bright it is outdoors. This means that there is no need to worry about turning them on or off. They will turn on at dusk and off at dawn themselves.

When providing for street lighting needs, the importance of light for an early morning commute must be taken into account. Solar streetlights are therefore particularly designed to have enough energy stored to stay bright until dawn.

These lights are most effective in areas with plenty of sunlight. The more sunlight exposure, the more energy can be created and stored. In turn, the more energy that is created, the brighter the potential light output will be. This means that more sun allows for brighter light bulbs which utilize multiple LEDs. Because effective solar street lights make use of these bulbs, areas that receive little sunlight throughout the year may want to wait for better technology to come along before purchasing solar street lights. Of course, if strong lighting is not a need, such areas may make use of gentler solar street light options.

Solar lights placed in areas with high wind exposure should utilize flat panels for a low wind profile. A good battery reserve should be included regardless of the location of the light. This will provide power during any inclement weather. A five day battery reserve is standard choice.

Another advantage of solar street lights is that they will continue working even in the event of a power outage. They need only the power of the sun, which they can store in batteries, to continue shining brightly. A street that is lit up is a much safer street than one that is not. Accidents can be prevented, and burglars can be deterred.