Solar step lights

Solar step lights can be great and eco-friendly atmospheric additions to a home. These lights are available in a range of brightness levels to suit a variety of needs. They also may be attached to steps in different ways.

Some solar step lights simply rest on steps. This is a benefit because they can be moved to anywhere that they are needed. However, this makes them unideal for smaller steps, which they may clutter. They also may be considered somewhat unsightly compared to other styles, and can easily be stolen if that is a concern for an area.

Other options may be mounted to walls on the sides of steps in an attractive manner. The downward illumination allows steps to be well-lit without a blinding amount of lighting.

Other stationary solar step light options provide soft upward lighting from a durable casing. These can be directly installed within concrete and other materials. They are similar to solar step stone light options, which are simply solar lights embedded within stones. Though much heavier than other nonstationary options, these stones also can be continually relocated within a yard.

Solar step lights can be a stunning and dramatic feature in any yard. Strong lights aimed downward will cause angular steps to create bold shadows. This may be effective if there is a need to break up a dull outdoor space.

On the other hand, softer lighting options can create a cozy or romantic atmosphere within a too dramatic area.

Solar step lights can also be practical garden, patio, or deck features which keep steps well-illuminated and safe. Keeping outdoor steps unlit in the evening can be quite hazardous, especially for visitors. Someone who doesn’t know your home very well may have difficulties ascending or descending steps at light. These lights would be especially useful for elderly visitors and family members.