Solar power rope light

A solar power rope light is a fun and interesting accent for home or garden decor. These lights provide a festive and intriguing addition to any pond, porch or pathway. The lines these ropes create can be used to guide a visitor’s eye along any outdoor feature which deserves attention.

It is also possible to create eye-catching shapes or designs with a solar power rope light. Common locations for them include tree trunks or the eaves of a house. An interesting location could be around a water fountain or an array of pots. Also consider tucking one neatly beneath a stairway banister or railing or simply leaving it out in the open for all to see.

Create a harmonious rhythm or pattern by connecting other brighter light elements with a solar power rope light. Things that hide the light of the rope may be fascinating as well. Interesting silhouettes may be created by placing rows of the lights behind an object.

Of course, a solar power rope light can be more than a decorative accent on its own. It also can highlight other features of a yard and garden that deserve attention. On a more practical level it can light up things that would otherwise be hazardous at night, such as a steep stairway or the edges of a deck.