Solar outdoor lights
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Solar outdoor lightsSolar outdoor lights can be used to create a variety of outdoor lighting effects. They are very easy to move and install. Oftentimes they can simply be staked into or un-staked from the ground. Some lights may simply hang from tree limbs or architectural structures.

Because they are so simple to manage, their positions are easily changed to best suit a garden.

Here are some ideas to take advantage of the versatility of solar outdoor lights:

•Moonlight - position solar lights high up in a tree. As the light filters down through the branches, it will create a moonlit glow, casting soft shadows.

•Path lights - stake a set of accent lights along a pathway both for safety and decorative purposes. These are most effective where there is little other ambient lighting.

•Reflection - rather than directly lighting a pond or pool, concentrate solar outdoor lights around it to create reflections. Place a solar outdoor light ten feet high and aim it downward. Avoid creating a glare on the water by keeping the light at a high angle.

•Grazing - emphasize a textured surface by placing a light close to an object. The raised edges will be highlighted, while the crevices will be shadowed. This is a very simple way to liven up a boring surface.

The science behind solar outdoor lights is amazing, yet relatively simple. Of course, they are impressive in many other ways. This includes how efficiently they work and how easy they are to install. The easy installation occurs because they require no wiring or trench-digging. Finally, they are very inexpensive to run because sunlight is completely free.

Though the initial price may be a bit higher than other options, it does not take very long for the light to pay for itself through electrical savings. In addition to saving money, the purchase of solar technology does not contribute to pollution or the depletion of natural resources. So purchase outdoor solar lights and benefit from the utility savings while the environment benefits from the eco-friendly use of energy.

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