California Solar Kits

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In the state of California, incentives for solar kits can be broken down into two main categories. Those categories are the installations for existing sites and the installations for new homes. Existing sites may be both homes as well as nonresidential options, including commercial and nonprofit companies and organizations.

Existing homes and companies looking to save money with new photovoltaic kits should investigate the California Solar Initiative(CSI). This is a renewable energy program which offers cash incentives. In fact, it provides over two billion dollars worth of incentives to residential and commercial customers.

The New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) is part of the aforementioned CSI. However, it is purely for needs related to residential PV kits rather than commercial companies. In addition to energy savings provided by the most efficient technology, the future homeowners of California who take advantage of this program have their own set of initiatives with which to work.