Westminster Solar Kits

The largest solar powered neighborhood in Colorado is being built in Westminster. McStain Neighborhoods will build a minimum of 42 homes that will be completely powered by solar panels. That alone is enough to displace over 4 tons of soot caused by coal burning plants every single year. The homes are tied into the existing power grid, but it is estimated that most homeowner’s bills will be very close to zero, and will actually be owed money during sunny months.

This has spurred many developers in and around Westminster to begin building homes and buildings that are designed with solar panels. Incorporating photovoltaic cells into the construction process allows for seamless integration into the existing power structure as well as increased grants and government support. Building a structure that can power itself will be the standard in less than twenty years.

That neighborhood in Westminster is a walking community built on 125 acres that incorporates small businesses, homes and multiple use lofts and apartments. There are many amenities such as nine parks, two pools, schools and easy access to Denver, and Denver International Airport. Colorado is quickly becoming one of the most solar friendly states in the nation.