Long Beach Solar Kits

Long Beach is home to one of the largest solar power conventions in the world. The Solar Power International convention gathers over 600 commercial and residential solar businesses together under one roof, which is covered in solar panels, for three days. Over 25,000 individuals come to the convention every year, and the number is increasing as the popularity and efficiency of solar power goes up, and the price goes down.

Residents of Long Beach have been encouraging the use of solar power for years, and this community boasts one of the highest percentages of functioning residential solar kits. They produce roughly 500kW of power, enough to power roughly 250 homes and it reduces greenhouse emissions by an estimated 12 million tons over 20 years.

The Long Beach area is also a great candidate for other types of solar power beside photovoltaic arrays. The weather is sunny and warm, so the suns energy can also be converted to heat very effectively and used to create steam that drive turbines to generate electricity. Regular power plants can be retrofitted to perform this operation. Coal and nuclear power plants likewise use heat to generate steam to drive their turbines.