San Francisco Solar Kits

San Francisco is especially suited to convert to solar power because of the amount of unused roofs. There is already over 200 acres of roof tops that are being used to generate solar power with photovoltaic cells, and many other solar power plants using reflecting technology to convert heat into energy. Most of the developments are funded by the state and city tax payers, and then installed by local companies onto residential, government and commercial properties.

San Francisco is already providing close to 10% of their power demand through solar power. The entire roof of the Moscone Convention Center is covered in photovoltaic panels generating roughly 700kW. Residents of the city can also get solar kits that are subsidized by the government, greatly reducing the cost of installing solar power.

There are three types of solar power systems being used in San Francisco. Photovoltaic cells can be installed in many locations, making them great in tight quarters. They can also be used individually much more effectively than solar power systems that require heat to generate electricity, which is how the other two systems work. Power towers use a field of mirrors and direct the sunlight to a tower with molten salt at the top, the heat is used to generate steam that drives a turbine to create electricity. Trough systems work similarly, but light is focused onto a pipe containing oil, which is similarly used to generate electricity.