Anaheim Solar Kits

The city of Anaheim has used grid connected solar kits for nearly a decade. The first, in 2001, was the Anaheim Convention Center. The system designed for this building produces enough free energy to annually provide electricity to 24 homes.

Since 2001, Anaheim has installed solar kits in many other public buildings. Police stations, high schools, and public parks have all been the recipients of a solar make over. The energy produced by these systems has helped reduce not only the cost of providing electricity for the city, but has helped to reduce the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels for electricity.

Solar kit installers throughout the Anaheim area can be of great help with the designing and installation of a solar power system for your home or business. These installers have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you experience the maximum benefits of solar energy. Many of these businesses will come to your home, free of charge, to give you an estimate on a quality solar power system.