San Jose Solar Kits

San Jose is an excellent choice for the installation of solar kits for companies as well as homes. This is because it has over 300 sunny days per year. Of course, it also has many commercial and residential renewable incentives to benefit interested parties as well.

Even within California, San Jose has some notable solar achievements. For instance, it is among the top four Bay Area cities when it comes to total watts installed. It is also number one when it comes to the total number of projects installed between residential kits and those of commercial companies.

When it comes to the major commercial solar companies, San Jose has much to boast. The area serves as headquarters for the SunPower Corporation. All of the kits, panels, and tiles of this company are based off of an all-back-contact photovoltaic cell designed at Stanford University. The company holds the world record for practical silicon photovoltaic cell efficiency.