Sacramento Solar Kits

The Sacramento municipal utility district offers millions of dollars in incentives for the installation of solar power systems. Because of these incentives, many commercial companies are willing to pay the upfront cost of installing solar power generators and then leasing them back to the city, business, or home for a decreased cost.

An example of how governments and companies can work together to solve environmental concerns is happening in Sacramento. Macy’s, one of the largest department stores in the world is getting solar panels installed on many of their stores at no upfront cost. The panels are financed by a company in San Francisco that will sell the power back to Macy’s, and the system is installed by a company in San Jose.

Because the state helps to defray the cost of solar power in Sacramento more companies are investing in the most renewable source of energy, sunlight. The efficiency of panels is still a limiting factor, but as more demand for solar panels arises, the solar industry is ready to meet that demand, which is expected to increase exponentially.