Stockton Solar Kits

Stockton, California is home to many solar energy projects. The California Public Utilities Commission created a program in 2001 which provides incentives for businesses that use on-site renewable energy sources for their electricity needs. Many companies have used these incentives to create their own power supplies.

Many companies in Stockton, as well as state agencies such as the Department of Transportation, have used solar kits to create on-site power generation. CalTrans regional headquarters in Stockton uses a roof mounted solar array to generate all of its needed electricity. Even petroleum based power producers have used solar as a means of powering their offices.

Eligible schools within the Stockton area can take advantage of California’s Solar Schools Program and install solar kits as a means of electricity generation. Up to 90% of the costs of purchasing and installing the system can be offset through the rebates offered in the program. The remaining 10% can often be paid for through loans offered by the California Energy Commission.