San Diego Solar Kits

San Diego is, in many ways, working hard to advance goals of greener energy use. This is occurring through the use of solar kits on both the commercial and residential scale. In addition to companies and homes, city interest in renewables can be seen in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) parking meters.

Currently, San Diego has roughly 1,100 commercial companies providing solar kits. This number is expected to rise due to new federal and state incentives. In fact, plans are currently in the making for homeowner and small business panels to be paid for through property tax bills over a period of about twenty years.

These incentives for solar kits are very useful in overcoming the initial set-up of PV panels. While larger commercial entities may have no problems with these starting expenses, it is another matter entirely for smaller companies and homeowners. San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders is the man responsible for this proposal.