Riverside Solar Kits

Like many communities throughout California, Riverside is doing its part to increase its use of renewable energy sources. The city offers many incentives that can help reduce the cost of solar kit installation in both homes and businesses. Incentives from Riverside Public Utilities alone have the potential to pay for upwards of 50% of the installation costs.

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) has several projects, ongoing and completed, that have made excellent use of solar kits. Their utilities operation center uses PV panels installed on carports which are capable of producing 150 kW of electricity, which is enough to power around 100 homes. These carports also help provide 152 shaded parking spaces for employees, adding to their functionality.

Riverside has also used this idea of an energy producing parking lot for the La Sierra Metrolink Station. This structure provides about 133kW of electricity, all of which is free of charge. Between these two parking structures, RPU will be eliminating millions of pounds of carbon dioxide and other contaminants from the air over the next couple of decades.