Grid tie systems allow you to integrate your new solar panels in with your existing utility company connection.

When coupled with net-metering, a grid tie in can significantly reduce your power bill, or in some cases even cause the power company to start writing checks to you!

Do it yourself solar kits are a potential source of savings, since you don't have to pay for an installer.

If you plan on using a governmental rebate program, make sure that do it yourself solar kits are covered under the programs guidelines.

Home Solar Panels

Energy costs money, this has always been true. Because of the nature of our utility companies, energy will always be a commodity that increases in value; and one that until now was controlled by a few select entities. In order to make energy distribution feasible, the public utilities had to build the infrastructure to deliver power to homes, which meant that free market competition was an impractical solution to the problem.

Solar power provides an option for power generation that doesn't rely on a delivery infrastructure, and as such it can benefit from free market pressures. Solar home kits are one of the best ways for homeowners to benefit from the solar movement. They include the panels, inverter, and wiring that you need to make your solar dreams a reality.

With the rising cost of energy prices, solar home kits have become increasingly popular. These kits provide the essentials needed for setting up your home to receive supplemental power from the sun and are typically among the most user friendly solar solutions available. Some things to consider regarding the usage of solar home kits include:

  • Decrease in your energy bills - some consumers report a 50% decrease in their energy bills when using solar home kits to supplement their energy consumption. This is merely using kits as a supplementary source of power. In many locations there are enough days of sunlight that you can switch wholly to solar and eliminate your electric bill.

  • If you install a solar home kit, you will have at least some power in case of a power grid failure. A singular Solar home kit is not normally suited to fully power conventional homes: the average home consumes more energy a day that a routing solar panel set-up can provide; however some power harnessed from solar energy is preferable to none. If a home is built optimally to utilize solar energy, then the home can be better suited to using solar energy. However, aftermarket solar home kits are not optimized in the manner of solar homes. If you want to use them as your primary source of power you will need to calculate your power usage, plus a conversion efficiency buffer, and include a robust battery backup system to ensure you have consistent power.

  • Most home kits do not include the array wiring between the modules and battery backup bank. These parts and other necessities will need to be purchased separately. On the flipside most kits are geared towards grid tied systems which means that if your local utility supports solar grid tie in you will be all set to take advantage of the rebates from the outset. In some cases the utility can even end up writing you a check instead of sending you a bill every month!

  • You get what you pay for. A cheap kit is typically going to be a low output affair because solar power is priced by the watt. This means that the wattage that you can harness increases with the amount you spend on your solar home kit. More expensive models have more solar panels, a higher output, and better yields.

It is possible to use a singular solar home kit to supplement the energy you use in your home. These relatively inexpensive kits can save you significant amounts of money on your energy bill, purchasing multiple kits can even eliminate your energy bill entirely. They are a great investment to start your journey to energy independence.

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