The more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurate will be the estimate. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of your monthly electrical bill. When combined with the name of your power company (whose rates we know), we can get a good estimate of your existing monthly power usage. This then allows us to determine the number of solar panels needed to provide the percentage of solar power you specified you would like to achieve.

Connecticut Free Solar Evaluation

The main spearheading effort for solar energy in Connecticut is led by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which is organized to bring residents, communities, businesses, and civic institutions together with the goal being a push for more use of renewable energy sources.

That particular CT fund offers financial incentives designed to encourage everyone—from homeowners to business owners and the leaders of other institutions—to invest in solar energy.

Considering these incentives, a solar kit can be a very worthwhile purchase if you live in the Connecticut area. At the very least, a free solar evaluation will allow you to determine what solar power can do for you, and how much you will save in the long term, in addition to the immediate tax breaks and incentives.