The more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurate will be the estimate. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of your monthly electrical bill. When combined with the name of your power company (whose rates we know), we can get a good estimate of your existing monthly power usage. This then allows us to determine the number of solar panels needed to provide the percentage of solar power you specified you would like to achieve.

South Carolina Free Solar Evaluation

South Carolina has some of the most ideal conditions for solar power in the USA. It has warm sunny summers and cold yet still sunny winters which are ideal for generating solar power with viable solar kits.

SC is situated in an area with adequate year round sun, but a complementary wind turbine can ensure electric users that their needs will be met no matter what the weather conditions entail. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if buildings have been taken off the grid.

Check out the South Carolina free solar evaluation above to get a better feel on how solar power can work in that area. Size of the building, geographic location, age of the structure, roof type, and a wide variety of other factors are used to determine the amount of power needed and whether it will be possible to achieve that with solar power alone.