The more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurate will be the estimate. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of your monthly electrical bill. When combined with the name of your power company (whose rates we know), we can get a good estimate of your existing monthly power usage. This then allows us to determine the number of solar panels needed to provide the percentage of solar power you specified you would like to achieve.

Delaware Free Solar Evaluation

Originally passed in 1999, and updated as recently as 2007, the Delaware Green Energy Fund is designed to promote solar and other forms of renewable energy. Basically the bill works by adding a small surcharge to everyone’s electricity bill which goes on to fund renewable energy programs statewide.

DE requires that, by the year 2019, 20% of the energy sold must come from renewable sources. Moreover, at least 2% of this output needs to come from solar power. In addition to the utility surcharge, the state has employed a rebate program to foster interest in solar power.

With this kind of government push as well as the financial incentives, a free solar evaluation can’t hurt. Moreover, investing in a solar kit or other kind of solar installation can be a very worthwhile long-term investment if you live in Delaware.