The more accurate the information you can give us, the more accurate will be the estimate. This is especially true when it comes to the amount of your monthly electrical bill. When combined with the name of your power company (whose rates we know), we can get a good estimate of your existing monthly power usage. This then allows us to determine the number of solar panels needed to provide the percentage of solar power you specified you would like to achieve.

Idaho FREE Solar Evaluation

Solar panels are not normally associated with Idaho, but they should be. Anywhere that sees the sun on earth is a potential site for solar power to be in action, as trees can attest. Trees take sunlight and convert it into a combustible energy source (sugar). Solar panels take the same sunlight, and convert it into electrical energy. A free solar evaluation can help you determine how suitable your area is for this exciting form of energy.

Getting a free solar evaluation is a good way to gauge your prospects for actually benefiting from solar power. There are some areas that are simply poor fits. For example, if you live just north of a mountain, odds are your property doesn’t get many hours of direct sunlight. And those hours are what it takes to get your money’s worth from solar panels, in ID or anywhere else.

Solar power is a great option for anyone looking to reduce their grid draw. Solar panels have the backing of a great number of incentive programs, both on state and national levels. Rebates and incentives can often take the sting out of the up-front investment solar panels require. Before even factoring in the savings offered from rebates; solar panels already more than pay for themselves over the lifetime of the panel.