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Do it yourself - For stand alone systems, no wiring or electrical contractor is needed.
Reduce your energy costs - Consider replacing some of your existing grid-connected lights with stand-alone solar.
Longer life, less maintenance - SInce LEDs and fluorescent lamps outlast halogen and incandescent lights by 5 to 20 lifetimes, there is much less worry and fuss surrounding fixture upkeep.
Make a visual statement - Your neighbors will notice that you are doing something for the environment and saving money in the process. Lighting is the most visible form of energy usage next to transportation.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting consumption is estimated to be 8.2 quads, or 22% of the total electricity generated in the U.S. Consumers and businesses spend approximately $37 billion a year to light their homes, offices, streets, and factories. Traditional lighting contributes to a building's internal heat generation, increasing air-conditioning load and magnifying energy expenditure. The best, most efficient, and environmentally-conscious lights are light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which reduce energy consumption and costs.

Our solar LED lights use photovoltaic cells to convert streaming daylight into stored electricity for powering energy-efficient light fixtures. The daylight energy is stored in high capacity Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries and released at night or during a power outage. Because solar lights generate their own power independently of the electrical grid, they can operate in remote areas where utility service is difficult or expensive.

Consult our lighting basics to learn the benefits of LED and photovoltaic technology over traditional lighting methods. Choose advanced LED and solar panel technology for a renewable, cost-efficient energy system

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