Landscape Lights

Solar landscape lights are an efficient way to light up the beautiful features of a garden or lawn at night. In addition to this, these lights keep walkways well-illuminated and safe. Perhaps their best feature, though, is that they can accomplish these great tasks every night without adding any electrical costs.

There are many different models of solar landscape lights available for purchase. The styles in which they are available range from classical and antique to modern and hi-tech. Some are designed to be staked into the ground, some hang from hooks, while some are perfect for topping off lampposts or fence posts.

Consider your lighting needs before deciding which lights to purchase. Accents lights can create intriguing focal points or add a harmonious rhythm when used in groups. A light may simply highlight another garden feature without drawing attention to itself. Others may be desirable to provide adequate lighting for a potentially treacherous path.

Most solar landscape lights are bought as complete, compact units. Each light will have a solar panel, battery, and light. There are, however, some sets that connect to a remote solar panel. Unlike the complete units, these lights can be placed in the shade, as long as the solar panel is placed in the sun.

Also realize that some lights are sold individually and others are sold as sets. Though four lights may be featured in the product photo, it is possible that each light must be purchased individually.

Solar landscape lights can potentially provide noteworthy electricity savings. The batteries allow them to store the energy of the sun. This means that even if there are a few days of darkness due to storms, the lights can still work.

A relevant practical choice for outdoor lights is a solar hanging lantern. This type of light can be set on hooks as well as held by its handle. This is convenient because the light will be charged outdoors daily, yet it can be brought inside during emergency situations.