Kyocera is an electronics company that makes everything from digital cameras to cell phones.

They are also the proud producers of solar panels, which receive far less press than a new phone model, but are even more important for our future.

Kyocera solar panels were the natural evolution of a company that had an extensive infrastructure for working with silicon wafers.

The same wafers that are turned into the circuits of your mobile devices can be used to harness the power of the sun in the form of solar panels.

Kyocera Solar Panels

Kyocera has been at work on solar power generation systems for over 30 years, developing products and technologies with environmental and economic benefits - such as solar modules and pollution-reducing fine ceramic components. 25 year output warranty. UL listed.

Kyocera Solar Panels with Junction Box

Once these junction box versions are gone, only MC cable versions will be available. Kyocera's advanced cell processing technology and automated production facilities produce a highly efficient multicrystal photovoltaic module.

Kyocera T, TS, GT and GX-LP Solar Panels

The stylish dark blue cells, combined with black module frames, allow the modules to blend in with the buildings architecture while producing energy at exceptional efficiencies.

These solar panels are mainly intended for home solar panels, but may also be used for battery based systems if used with the Outback Power, Xantrex XW-SCC, Apollo T80/T100, or other MPPT charge controller that can take higher input voltages.


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Kyocera is a common household brand, but it is not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of solar panels. Kyocera is a global supplier of things such as cell phones, printers, and kitchen utensils. A business portfolio like that doesn't lend itself to a push into the solar market at first glance, but a deeper examination shows that Kyocera is well positioned to make an impact on the solar market.

Printers, cell phones, and other electronic items all make extensive use of semiconductors. The most abundant semiconductor on the planet is silicon, and as a creator of these and other electronics, Kyocera already had a supply of silicon set up. Thus the only investment they had to make to shift to solar power was to create a plant ready to make solar panels.

Kyocera specializes in not only producing solar panels, but in creating everything you need to set up a well-run solar powered system. Their goal is to give you the tools needed to completely offset your power bill, and they stand behind their technology. For more than thirty five years, Kyocera has been researching solar power, so they know what they are talking about and are well equipped to help you succeed.

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