Global Solar is a company that has looked for ways to make thin film solar panels economically viable.

They have set an industry record for lab-certified efficiency and will unveil a product line later this year.

Global Solar's thin film solar panels have hit an efficiency rating of 13%, which means that they can now be economically produced and sold to the public.

This is a milestone for thin-film technology, which has been striving to make the viability threshold for almost a decade now.

Global Solar Panels

Global Solar Panel

Global solar is an industry leader in the development of thin film solar panels. Thin film is a new process for creating solar panels that uses an extremely small amount of semiconductor. The technology to create a photovoltaically active array using this method has existed for years. The challenge has been to make the arrays efficient enough to be worth manufacturing.

Global solar recently hit a thin film efficiency record of more than 13%. Industry analysts have said that an efficiency of 11% or better is necessary to make thin film solar panels cost effective. Global solar plans to release a new thin film product line before the end of the year.
One of the things that makes thin film solar panels so great is the miniscule amount of silicon it requires to create them. Older panels were literally laser carved out of large blocks of silicon, meaning that for every panel created, there was an equivalent amount of silicon scrap that needed to be reprocessed so that it could be used in a new panel. Global solar's thin film technology largely eliminates that waste, making solar panels more environmentally friendly than they already were.

Global Solar Energy, Inc. manufactures high performance thin film solar cell products. Based on advanced NASA & Department of Energy Technologies, Global Solar's products are lightweight, portable, & rugged for innovative commercial consumer, military, & industrial applications. Products designed to make individual, home, and national security a priority.

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