SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverters

SMA Sunny Boy Grid Tie Inverters

The SMA Sunny Boy inverters are the most widely used grid-tied PV inverter in Europe and the US. SMA inverters available in sizes from 700 watt to 6000 watts allow them to fit a wide range of applications from small residental systems to very large 3-phase industrial systems.

All SMA inverters come with LCD digital monitors that display instantanious power output, energy delivered during the current day and since the installation. The display cannot be used if optional remote communication modules are used in the 1800U and 2500U inverters. The 2500U is available for use on 240 VAC and 208 VAC power. The 6000U can be used on 208, 240 and 277 VAC power. SMA offers a wide range of accessories for communications and monitoring of the system.

The 3800U and 6000U is in a NEMA 3R enclosure but all electronics are in in a sealed compartment. All of the smaller inverters are housed in a completely sealed stainless steel enclosure. Outdoor installation is recommended for the sealed inverters so natural air flow can cool the heatsink. If these inverters are installed inside, the SunnyBreeze on the next page is recommended. UL listed. SMA inverters have a 5-year warranty.

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