SMA (Sunny Boy) Inverters

SMA Solar Technology has been in business for several years and has been one of the world’s first sources for solar energy and renewable energy solutions. SMA strives to educate consumers about the product and renewable energy so that they can make the most out of ‘free’ or natural energy sources. These sources have been what have helped SMA provide a solution to solar energy needs all around the globe. SMA offers a wide selection of solar inverters, both on and off grid. The Sunny Boy is an industry favorite, providing grid-tied power to consumers nationally. This inverter is known for it’s timeless design and maximum power efficiency.

Sunny Boy inverters posses a distinguished list of stand-out qualities that makes it one of the best on the market for solar inverter options. This inverter uses SMA’s innovative HS topology technology, resulting in promoting a longer life expectancy, efficiency percentages of up to 98%, and unmatched solar yields. Optimized for use in a commercial PV system, the inverter is lightweight and is ideal for midsized plants or business establishments with a 24 kWp megawatt range in North America. The inverter is also safe for consumers to use, employing some of the best manufacturing techniques on the market.

The SMA power balancer for three phase grid connection ensures that the inverter doesn’t over or under charge, preventing dangerous results. Integrated DC load disconnect and combiner boxes also help to promote extra safety when the product is in use. In addition to implementing several design features to ensure safety, the Sunny Boy inverter has also been certified as safe to use by several organizations including the UL 1741/IEEE-1547; one of the strictest quality and safety control certifications in the industry. This is just one of the many things that proves how dedicated to quality SMA is. Safety is one of the top priorities when it comes to inverter performance, finding a solution for renewable energy has to be safe to the environment and the people using the solution provided. That is why SMA took so much care in the making of their Sunny Boy inverter. The Sunny Boy has been a major foundation builder in the SMA Company, determining the corporation’s integrity, quality, and superior products through their first line of high-performance solar inverters. With the help of the Sunny Boy inverter, SMA has become a fast industry leader and continues to maintain that high position as the years go by.

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SMA - STP50-US-41
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SMA - STP50-US-41