Tucson solar kits

In 2007, Tucson was named a Solar America City through a partnership with the United States Department of Energy. The program has designated a half million dollars to be used to expand the use of solar energy throughout the city. It also includes access to technical support and advancements through a number of national laboratories.

For nearly a decade, the City of Tucson has invested in solar kits for many of its public buildings. Since 2000, municipal facilities ranging from the Parks and Recreation Department to the El Rio Adult Education Center, and even the local water treatment center, have been equipped with solar panels. Public projects like these have eliminated millions of pounds of carbon dioxide from the air around Tucson.

The City of Tucson is currently producing around 220 Kilowatts of power through the use of solar kits on public buildings. Projects currently in the pipeline could triple that amount within the next few years. The current growth of the solar industry in Tucson is sure to make the city a model of 21st century energy production.