Thornton Solar Kits

One of the main problems with solar panels is that they are large and brittle. Once they crack they are almost useless until recycled. One company in Thornton, Colorado is building flexible solar panels that solve this problem and open up a much wider range for solar applications. Solar panels can now be installed on curved surfaces and other areas that need to flex.

The company Ascent Solar has established their world headquarters in Thornton Colorado because of the huge increase in solar investments coming from citizens as well as tax rebates from the government. The flexible film solar panels are a revolutionary idea, and they have very comparable wattage outputs to regular stiff photovoltaic panels.

The advantage to these flexible solar panels manufactured in Thornton is that they can be installed on almost any surface, even movable ones. One obvious application for these is covering a car with them. Sleek aerodynamic and stylistic designs can be kept on the vehicles, but they can be covered in solar panels so no matter what direction they are facing they will be generating power from the sun. Coupled with an efficient electric engine this could eliminate the need to refill or charge up a car forever.