Solar Starter Kits

If you are hesitant about making the switch to solar panels as your home’s power source, a solar starter kit is just the thing to get a feel for how photovoltaic power performs. The initial investment in solar can be daunting, as a system set up to handle the entire electrical load for a household runs in the tens of thousands of dollars. Starter kits by comparison are just a few hundred dollars, and they include the parts you need to start seeing if solar is right for you.

While starter panels won’t be able to fully power your home, they are typically grid tied, which means that they work with your existing power hookup. This means that you can get all the use possible from your solar panels, and the power company will make up for any shortfall in your electric needs. Best of all, grid tied installations don’t require the battery backup system that stand alone systems do, making your investment that much less expensive.

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