Solar Showers

Outdoor solar showers provide you with warm water for showering in a variety of locations. Connect one to a garden hose or simply fill its tank with water. The sun will provide all the necessary heat for a refreshing wash.

These showers are ideal for beach or poolside use. They are also great for campgrounds and vacation cabins. It is even possible to find outdoor solar showers which are portable. This way you can keep clean even while camping out in remote locations.

Outdoor solar showers come with easy to use temperature controls. Heat loss over night is generally minor enough that a warm morning shower is not a problem. Many people find them useful at home for washing pets.

Solar showers heat up cold water for showers using thermal energy from the sun. Oftentimes, they are portable, allowing a person the luxury of a shower as long as sunlight is available. They commonly come in two different styles. The first resembles a simple bag, while the second looks more like a standard shower.

The method of using the bag-styled solar showers involves filling them with water and leaving them out in the sun for a few hours. They are created from insulated material that serves to quickly heat the water with the warmth of the sun. A hose allows the water to be sprayed in a convenient manner. They generally include handles or straps for increased portability and can be rolled up for compact storage.

The second style of solar shower resembles a long pole and is also known as a solar pool shower. These can be portable or stationary.

The stationary ones may be hooked up to garden hoses. Some include handles which allow for temperature adjustment. They do this by mixing the water heated by the sun with fresh, cool water from the hose.

The portable pole-styled solar showers do not need to be attached a hose. They often fold or retract. Despite their height and stability, they are surprisingly lightweight. After they are extended, the base is filled with water and left to heat up.

The solar pool showers are so named because they are often installed near pools. This assists with the quick and efficient rinsing off of chlorine. They are also helpful for rinsing off before getting into the pool. This keeps the pool as clean as possible. Some even come with foot sprayers, which are very useful after a muddy day out in the garden.

All solar showers are great for at home use with swimming pools and hot tubs. They are also a great option for cleaning off pets. The portable versions are widely appreciated by many campers, travelers, and boaters.