Solar Panel Installer

A solar panel installer should be able to install a system, or array of photovoltaic cells, specially designed to fit a properties specific needs. Those needs include the amount of power that the property consumes, as well as the available sunlight. Solar panels are only effective if installed in areas with sufficient sunlight, such as roof tops or areas with minimal shade.

Many solar panel installers work with the local power companies to speed along the process of allowing a building to convert to solar energy. In most cases they will also file all the necessary paperwork to receive government rebates for conversion to solar power. The United States government will now pay up to 45% of the cost of solar panels and installation. California has gone even further, providing a 7.5% tax credit as well to homes and businesses that rely on solar power.

After a trained solar panel installer has completed a system, and connected it back to the regular power grid through a solar power module, it is basically maintenance free. Most companies have a 25 year guarantee for equipment as well ensuring that just in case something does happen, it can be easily and cheaply fixed. After the initial start-up cost there is virtually no other cost to keep the system running, and it should last for at least 25 years.

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