Suntech is a solid choice for puchasing solar panels.

Their estimated installed capacity has exceeded 1 Gigawatt, making them one of the top solar producers in the world.

Suntech solar panels are made by the largest global producer of crystalline silicon based panels.

Their proven expertise will ensure that you get a quality product every time.

SunTech Solar Panels

Suntech is a Chinese company that produces crystalline silicon solar panels. They have a large construction facility located in the Wuxi province and also have offices in most major solar markets. They produce a solid solar panel using the tried and true technology of crystalline silicon.

Suntech solar panels currently feature solid and dependable technology, but that should not lead you to believe that suntech is not interested in innovation. They have a highly qualified research team with more than a century's cumulative experience in solar power that is committed to improving their already solid technology.

Suntech is researching things from multi junction cells to thin film or string ribbon technologies. They won't adopt a new manufacturing technique just for the sake of being new; they want to ensure that it is a step up that is worth investing in. That type of sustainable development is what will ensure that Suntech is a viable company for years to come.

Suntech's monocrystalline photovoltaic panels feature total efficiency of 7.6% which delivers the maximum power output at peak hours -- ideal for off-grid and remote power systems. With a 25-year warranty, the module has high efficiency and long-lasting operating time even in a variety of rigorous conditions.

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