Solar World has been creating their solar panels using a fully automated process for best results.

This ensures that each and every panel is high quality, and it shows in the 175 watt model.

The Solar World 230 watt panel is one of the largest capacities on the market today.

Each panel is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure that it exceeds its rated output capacity so you can rest assured that you are getting the capacity that you pay for.

SolarWorld Solar Panels

Solar World is a company that envisions its name sake as a reality. They have production facilities in Germany and in the United States, and their panels are able to provide dependable power to your home or business. They have bought out a number of US solar manufacturers over the past decade, and their production capabilities are impressive.

Solar World, as the name implies is a solar startup company. This means that they don't have a successful business selling light bulbs, or engines, or oil. Their sole focus as a company is in creating the best solar panels they can, and researching new production methods and cutting edge technologies. This ensures that they are putting all of the attention over solar where it belongs: front and center.

That type of dedication is necessary for solar power, because unlike other forms of power generation solar poses a unique and challenging set of difficulties. The first challenge to be looked at is the means of power generation. Nearly every form but photovoltaic power is turbine based. This means that they pool research, and when an advancement in turbine mechanics is made, it benefits coal fired plants, hydroelectric ones, and nuclear ones alike. Since PV cells don't utilize a turbine, they only benefit from research done specifically on solar power. That's why it's great to have companies like Solar World around to fund that research.

SolarWorld, formally Shell Solar and Siemens Solar. Decades of experience, in-house production facilities, and quality production control makes SolarWorld AG a leading specialist in the photovoltaic industry. Active at all levels of the solar industry's value chain - from silicon as a raw material to complete solar power plants, the SolarWorld Group is solely focused on the successful commercialization of solar as a viable alternative energy source.

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