The long association between Sharp and solar power began with a calculator, but since then it has encompassed so much more.

Sharp solar panels today are defining how solar power can be used on a device by device basis, in addition to the macro level that other companies focus on.

Sharp is a company with a history of excellence.

They produced the first solar powered calculator and have continued to innovatively reshape how we perceive solar power ever since then.

Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp is an electronics company that boasts a unique claim to fame in the solar industry. They were the manufacturers of the world's first solar powered calculator. When solar was being developed during the space race, scientists couldn't envision a use for it as constructed unless there was no other reasonable way to provide power. It was ideally suited for space, because a solar panel doesn't weigh much, especially compared to turbines that most other forms of electric generation require. Even more importantly, solar panels did not require thousands of pounds of fuel, the way a generator would.

However, the first panels produced were so inefficient that scientists just couldn't see a way to make them competitive on earth. That changed when Sharp unveiled their solar calculator. Since calculators do not require much power to run calculations or display the results, a small solar panel on the face of the calculator made an ideal way to have a calculator that would, in theory, run for as long as the sun could shine.

Since that brave first step, Sharp has constantly challenged conventional wisdom about how we could use solar power. Today they produce both residential and commercial grade solar panels, and they stand behind their products with a 25 year warranty. They've been around long enough that you know they will still be there if the time comes for them to honor that warranty, which is not something you can say for some companies.

Sharp's solar modules offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design with high conversion efficiency. With rectangular or triangular shapes, Sharp's modules are ideal for multi-faceted roofs with many angles. ISO 9001 certified. UL1703 listed. 25-year power output warranty

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