Mitsubishi is a Japanese company that has had success in many areas of business, from consumer electronics to the automotive sector.

It should be no surprise then that they have also found success in manufacturing solar panels.

Mitsubishi solar panels feature high outputs upwards of 125 watts and efficiency rates of greater than 30 percent.

They are ideal for powering your home, office, or recreational vehicle with the clean energy of sunlight.

Mitsubishi Solar Panels

Mitsubishi is far better known for other things than solar panels. Their electronics and their automobiles for instance have a much more widespread popular recognition. However, as a technology company, it is in their best interest to invest in solar, because it will be the power source of the future.

Anyone who is up to date on current events can tell you that fossil fuels are not going to sustain our current energy needs forever, much less expand to meet the needs that growth create. Companies with vested interest in power and technology, such as Mitsubishi, are therefore trying to ensure that they can remain viable when that day comes.

As with all diversification efforts, Mitsubishi seeks to bring something new to the solar panel market without exposing the parent company to undue risk. This means that you won't see Mitsubishi solar panels pioneering risky technologies such as thin film or string ribbon. Rather, they have focused on producing technically sound and effective panels.

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