Kaneka is a Japanese based company that specializes in solar panels.

They started out as a chemical supplier and only recently have evolved into a manufacturer of solar panels.

Kaneka solar panels are created using the chemicals for which Kaneka is famous.

They have long sold these chemicals for other manufacturers to use, but they have now started using the chemicals themselves to create high quality solar panels.

With 20 years of research in thin film silicon PV technology, Kaneka modules offer better high-temperature performance than crystalline modules. Kaneka Silicon PV's generated watt-power is comparable to that of other crystalline silicon PVs during the winter months, but in summer the Kaneka Silicon PV generates significantly more power compared to other crystalline silicon PVs. IEC 61646 certified. Safety class II for 530 V system voltage. 25-year warranty.

Kaneka Solar Panels

Kaneka is a company based out of Osaka, Japan which has been in the chemical business for many years. It operates primarily within Japan, but it also has subsidiaries in the US. One of these subsidiaries, run out of Texas, is Kaneka solar.

Kaneka has a long history with chemicals, with their products seeing use in fields from industrial to pharmaceutical. In the mid nineties Kaneka decided to enter the solar market, and they have done great work since that decision. Currently, Kaneka solar panels are being manufactured using thin film technology.

Thin film allows panels to be made with much less waste than accrues during the creation of a crystallized solar panel. The ratio of materials used to power provided is also higher with thin film solar panels. Kaneka is one of the companies leading the way in this exciting new field of research and development.

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