GE Panels

GE solar panels uphold the high quality standards that you have come to expect from General Electric.

GE also stands behind their solar panels with a warranty among the best in the business, with a solidity to match their stature as a leader in the industry.

GE stands for General Electric, and it is a company with a proud and storied history.

It was founded by none other than Thomas Edison: the inventor of the light bulb and it continues his legacy of innovation with advances in solar power today

GE Solar Panels

GE Solar Panels

GE stands for general electric, and they have been a major player on the power scene ever since it was founded by one Thomas Edison. Yes, the same Edison who invented the light bulb and the phonograph also started one of the most successful companies in the history of the energy business. For more than a century, GE has been producing everything from light bulbs to the power transmission lines that provide electricity to power them.

As we make our mark on the new millennium, GE is helping to lead the way in the solar revolution as well. They understand that our conventional means of power generation cannot last forever, and they are dedicated to ensuring that we have the tools available to supplant fossil fuels as their supply dies off.

Because GE is such a well grounded company, they can offer things from their solar panels that no other company can. For example, GE panels come with a 20 year limited warranty. Many solar panel manufacturers haven't even been around 20 years, what's to say they will still be there 20 years into the future? GE has been around longer than you have been alive, and you know they will be around to honor their warranty. That is peace of mind that you just can't find elsewhere on the solar market.