Evergreen Solar Panel

The evergreen B series solar panels feature an innovative string ribbon manufacturing process that radically alters how the panel is made.

The exciting new process means that no longer to panels need to go through the time consuming and expensive transition from ore to ingots to wafers any longer.

Evergreen solar panels are made quite differently from most of the other panels on the market today.

Many other companies have focused on utilizing the same old technology to manufacture their panels, but Evergreen has pioneered a revolutionary string ribbon technology that makes panels more quickly, and with less waste.

Evergreen Panels

Evergreen Solar Panels

Evergreen solar is another company that uses solar technology as the central pillar of the company's business model. They are proudly producing string ribbon cells, which are much less energy intensive to create. This means that Evergreen solar panels are more environmentally friendly than the competition. The only carbon costs involved in solar power are those centered on the manufacture and shipping of the panels. Once a panel is made and shipped to you, it has already built up all the carbon cost it will ever have.

That is what makes new technologies such as Evergreen's string ribbon manufacturing so exciting. The two major challenges in solar panel manufacturing today are how to create more efficient panels, and how to create more cost effective panels. String ribbon technology is a giant step forward in the cost effectiveness of panel manufacturing.
In fact, string ribbon solar panels cost only a fraction of the amount that the old, bulkier panels did to create, and they utilize much less silicon to create an equally effective panel, which lowers the carbon cost to previously unthinkable levels.


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