Duralite panels

Duralite solar chargers are an ideal way to make an already environmentally friendly idea even better. You can take rechargeable batteries and recharge them with the power of the sun. Not only do your batteries not fill up landfills, but recharging them won't pollute the environment either!

Duralite Panels

Duralite 20 Watt Solar Panel

Duralite is a company that is not especially known for solar technology as their starting point. They're actually known for great work in electronic heating systems, batteries, and aerospace. Duralite batteries are industry standard for reliability and toughness. So solar panels might not seem like they make all that much sense, but if an oil company can produce solar panels, why not a heating company?

Duralite is another company that's focused on non-traditional uses for solar panels rather than trying to muscle in on the home-solar market. They are producing thin panels that are more portable than the bulky old panels of the nineties. They are ideal for mobile applications such as a picnic or camping, or even for use with an RV.

A Duralite solar panel can even be used to charge a battery up to the size of a truck battery, and be put away afterwards. For those looking for a useful panel that doesn't need to be anchored in place permanently, Duralite has great options. Their quality and reliability are fantastic, and you won't regret a Duralite purchase.


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