BP panels

BP solar is a lesser known branch of British Petroleum. As a part of their efforts to change into a company that is truly 'beyond petroleum',

BP has a thriving solar panel division focused on this clean way to create energy.

A BP solar panel J-box stands for a junction box. A junction is the boundary between the positive and negative ends of a semiconductor, and it is what is responsible for creating a meaningful flow of electricity out of any solar panel.

BP Solar Panels

BP Solar Panels

BP stands for British Petroleum, but as the company has moved into the 21st century, they have re-coined it as 'Beyond Petroleum'. The company is well known for its oil reserves, but it has quietly been building up its energy portfolio in clean alternatives to oil, coal, and natural gas as well. It has extensive investments renewable sources of energy such as wind power, solar power, and biofuels.

BP's solar panels are made from silicon and they've greatly increased their production capacity since they launched their alternative energy branch. They are currently operating in the US, Spain, India, China, and Australia, and they are looking into operating solar farms on other land they own.

So while BP is first and foremost known for fossil fuel-based energy, they are looking into the future with BP solar panels, wind farms, and more. They are striving to change their business into something sustainable over the decades to come, and solar panels are a big part of that change.

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