Solar hot water system
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Solar hot water systemA solar hot water system is a viable energy-saving solution for many homes in the United States. This is true for even the Northern regions, not just homes in the "sunnier" states like Arizona and Texas.

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a solar hot water system:

•Solar collector placement - For the best results, the solar collector should be placed on an unshaded, south-facing rooftop. If the roof top is flat, a tilt-mounting kit should be used (the perfect angle for which will depend on the latitude of the area.) If there is no good location for the collector, other options may be wiser to consider. Speak with a solar contractor to determine whether a solar hot water system is indeed a cost-effective solution.

•Solar collector footage - Depending on location, tank size, and the placement of the collectors, the necessary square footages of solar collectors will vary. For example, someone who lives in Maine or Washington may only get .75 gallons of hot water per 1 square foot of collector, while someone who lives in Texas may get 2 gallons for that same square foot.

•Tank size - Consider how much water is used in a household before deciding what size of tank to purchase. Generally, allow for at least 15 gallons per person. Therefore, a family of four should have about a 60 gallon tank.

•Installation – It is best for a professional to be hired for the installation if the homeowner is hesitant about doing it his- or herself. The installation process includes such things as mounting the collector to the roof and running water lines between the collector and the tank. Instructions should come with the purchase of a complete solar hot water system.

Hot water is a must for most people when it comes to washing dishes, washing hands, showering, and doing laundry. Of all the energy needs of the home, water heating tends to be one of the most expensive. It often costs more than central air conditioning.

A solar hot water system will not only save money, it will also aid in saving the environment. Though energy costs seem to rise every day, the cost of the sun will remain as inexpensive as ever. With these facts under consideration, a solar water system simply seems to be wiser and wiser of an option.

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