Solar Energy Installers

Finding a qualified solar energy installer is much more difficult than a qualified electrician or plumber. There are many factors that must be taken into account when choosing and installing a solar power system, whether it is with photovoltaic cells to generate electricity or a solar heating system. Each building and area has its own specific energy needs, often requiring more than one solar collector or panel.

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners has a complete list of certified solar energy installers. These people have gone to great lengths, including rigorous testing and high standards of work, to become certified as photovoltaic (PV) practitioners. The can assist and install any system of solar panels, from complex tracking systems that follow the course of the sun through out the day, to much simpler systems with PV panels mounted on the roof of a home.

Solar energy installers are highly sought after because of the fast pace that the solar market is growing at. It may take over a year to get all the paper work finalized before installation can begin, so it is wise to find a solar installer early on in the process. They can advise on panels required, how and where to mount them and ensure that the right materials and paperwork is obtained before installation ever occurs.