Chapter 9

With the price of PV panels decreasing along with improving technologies of materials and efficiencies; it may be best for you to add more solar panels at some future time. The easiest way to do this is to leave room on your roof for these future panels during the initial system design and construction.

Homeowners sometimes cover ½ of their roof with PV panels and then add the other panels a couple of years later. This not only reduces your initial capital outlay it also allows you to leverage PV technology – current and future.

With our starter system, you may want to add several L16 batteries to increase your available energy for added electrical loads or for more consecutive cloudy days.

Expanded starter Solar System estimated cost:

3 added solar panels @ ~$400 each = ~$1200.

4 more L-16 batteries @ ~$250 each = ~$1000.

Additional wiring = ~$ 100.

Total expansion cost: = ~$1,300.

Initial cost = ~$2,420.

Grand Total Cost = ~$3,720*

Approximate cost/watt for expanded system is $12 ($3720/300w)

*This is an estimated minimum price for these materials only. You will need to add labor costs, permits + inspections if needed, miscellaneous housing construction/modification costs, etc. Your actual costs will also vary depending on changes in these components’ prices, availability, freight and taxes. Please see for current prices.

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