Sharp Solar Inverters

Sharp Solar Inverters - The JH-3500U SunVista Inverter

The Sharp JH-3500U is a 3.5 kW inverter designed to blend energy from up to three input strings, each varying by number, model, and angle of modules. Having three distinct PV input strings makes it possible to install systems on buildings with multiple roof planes, even if they face in different directions. An active cooling system ensures that the inverter maintains stable power output even in extreme temperatures.

Perfectly matched to Sharp modules and mounting hardware, the JH-3500U is also compatible with many other manufacturers’ systems, and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. With over 60,000 units in the field, the Sharp SunVista has proven to be among the most dependable and flexible inverters in the world. The SunVista is designed for easy field serviceability and is backed by the strength of Sharps’ global electronic parts distribution network.

The JH-3500U is housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure and includes an indoor rated surface-mount LCD display which displays instantaneous and cumulative electricity generation and CO reduction levels. The inverter is IEEE 929 compliant and is listed to UL1741. It carries a five-year warranty.