Scottsdale solar kits

Residents of Scottsdale, Arizona are taking advantage of the regions natural available sunlight and using it to help reduce their energy costs, as well as their carbon footprint. Scottsdale enjoys a high solar potential, a benefit that many other parts of the country envy. Home and business owners are discovering that this is a valuable resource that should not be going to waste.

Many resorts throughout the Scottsdale area are finding that they can drastically reduce many of their operating costs by installing solar kits. Solar panels can be used for not only electricity production, but for heating water as well. Some estimates suggest that by incorporating solar power these resorts can save as much as 40% on their energy bills.

Recent public solar works projects in Scottsdale include a solar electricity plant built at the Scottsdale Water Campus. Residents of the city have the option to pay into a program that guarantees that at least 15% of their electricity will be produced through solar energy. Solar companies have completed several other publicly funded solar kits throughout the city.